Our Wines

Our Wines

The Neszmély wine region and, in its south-west corner, the village of Ászár, have always been the land of fresh, vivid, fruity and aromatic wines. White grape varieties thrive under the local climate: Irsai Olivér, Cserszergi fűszeres (the ‘unpronounceable grape’), Királyleányka, Müller Thurgau and Ezerjó make up the Hungarian squad, while Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and ever more Riesling add international flavours to the wine scene of Ászár.

As for red grapes, Pinot Noir is the most popular variety, but one can bump into Merlot and Blaufränkish as well. Red grapes, generally, become rosé, but it is also worth looking for the fruity, vibrant, really consumer-friendly reds.

As a winemaker, I strive to craft intensely fruity, crystal clear, elegantly casual wines which seal the characteristics of both the variety and the place in the bottle. (Gábor Petőcz)


This Cilifánt, as the Ezerjó grape variety is called in Ászár, acts as if it were made of porcelain. Every bits of this wine is crystal clear, the acidity is vibrant, the sip is zippy and long. It has as many colours as the light has when refracted on a piece of chinawear. Ászár and Ezerjó has always been a match made in heaven.

Müller Thurgau (rizlingszilváni)

Müller Thurgau is thought to be an introvert variety, but in our cellar she is always stellar. It exposes its ripe, orange aromas without hesitation, just like shows its citrus-flavoured palate which has a touch of X-factor-like tartness. A sunny, playful wine that can be enjoyed with or without a sprinkle of sparkling water. Müller Thurgau is a wine for the joyful weekdays. Or weekends.

Pinot Gris (szürkebarát)

Pinot Gris, although hailing from France, has found its home in Ászár. This is not an extrovert variety, you must sit down and taste it with attention. Pinot Gris is not about exuberant aromas, but much more about fine details: peachy notes on the nose, succulent fruits, rich and round palate. It enjoys being tasted under an old walnut tree in good company.

Pinot Gris premium

When you have an ‘ab origine’ reserved variety and you pump up the volume, you get a Pinot Gris like this. The long and warm autumn of 2018 provided us with the possibility to harvest Pinot Gris late. Since the new-born wine showed amazing quality, we matured it in new oak barrels. The time in wood further enriched the already varied late harvest flavours: added spices and structure to a wine that is an authentic proof of a vintage for the books. 

cserszegi fűszeres

Born to an aromatic family, father is Irsai Olivér, mother is Red Traminer, Cserszegi fűszeres is inevitably fragrant. We are happy to discover its spicy and floral aromas, luscious fruitiness, vigilant acidity and its overall sporty and refreshing character. Cserszegi has found its home in Ászár and we truly believe that it makes Ászár an even better place.

cserszegi fűszeres (SEMI SWEET)

When the Indian summer with its thousand colours rests in Ászár even at the end of September, we leave the Cserszegi bunches out on the vine to let them enjoy the ripening warmth of the sun as long as nature permits. In time like these, the multi-coloured autumn ferments into a multi-flavoured wine: it becomes a Cserszegi fűszeres that preserve all the beauty of an excellent vintage in its deep and spicy aromas, in its full-bodied, pleasantly sweet flavours and in its still vivid acidity.


This wine is a fruity, easygoing, cool version of Chardonnay. Ripe citrus and tropical fruit notes on the nose, while on the palate the trademark nutty notes of Chardonnay have also come forward, spicing up the mouthwatering fruitiness. Perfectly balanced, lively wine that masterfully mix a bit of seriousness into the attractive light-heartedness. The contemporary version of a classic variety and style.

Rozé cuvé

Everything you wanted to know about a classy rosé. Elegant, light pink in colour, strawberry and raspberry both on the nose and on the palate ‒ not screaming, but not shy either. While driven by fresh and long acidity, it is not a light-hearted wine, its elegant tones are supported by substantial weight. The hallmark elegant casualness of Provence, presented by Ászár.

Welschriesling (olaszrizling)

Our Olaszrizling (also known as Welschriesling) is the most loyal and yet the most reserved friend. It is the one who always sits silently at the far end of the table, never showing off either its aromas or flavours, but it is also the one who somehow always radiates a kind of timeless calm. Dressed up with citrus and almond notes typical of the variety, this is a rich, balanced and round wine. Welschriesling is always there for you and is always a safe choice.

RiSza cuvée

Nomen est omen – ‘riszál’ in Hungarian means moving the hip around, and this wine is really like a salsa dancer. As a cuvée of a restrained (Müller Thurgau) and a buoyant (Sauvignon Blanc) variety, this wine will definitely get you on your feet. The nose is sweet and fragrant dominated by peach and mango notes. The acidity is swiftly gliding on the dance floor, while the enticing sweetness nicely singing in the background. Consumption may cause irresistible hip moving!

Frizi frizzante 2020 (Müller Thurgau, semi sweet)

If the still version of Müller Thurgau is meant for lighting up the weekdays, then its bubbly version is the essential companion of the cheerful weekends. Sweet, fine and fruity nose, refreshingly tingling bubbles, a hint of residual sugar – the perfect drink for Saturday and Sunday afternoons, evenings, or even mornings. Or…thinking it through, even for weekdays!