Our winery

Our Winery

Since Ászár was once a well-known Hungarian wine region, and deservedly so, the village and its surroundings have a long tradition of wine-making. This feeling blazed me when I started making my first wines and hence realizing my childhood dreams, – taking over the knowledge and experience from the aging winemakers and carrying on the traditions of wine making in Ászár.

About Me

My love of vine cultivation goes back to my childhood. I spent a lot of time working in the vineyards with my grandfather. Back then we only made wine for ourselves, for our own fun. With time this “for-fun” wine making became more and more serious and although I studied mechanical engineering and information technology at university, in a way it also helped – to organize a more efficient grape cultivation and run the winery better. After university I turned my head toward professional wine-making, finishing a specialized oenological course.

In 2015, we built the Petőcz winery and the guesthouse next to it. The same year we made our first bottled wines available to the public. Since then, I’ve been experimenting with different technologies, in line with the international trends, from aging wine in redwood barrels, to using reductive technology. My next plan is to start making my own sparking wine.


“The essence of the wine is the person growing the vine,

nourishing, caring for it, like for his own child,

then at the long-awaited moment,

tasting the new harvest with due respect.”

(Béla Hamvas) 

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Ászár Region

The village of Ászár, in the northern part of Transdanubia, and the surrounding region has a nearly 2000 years history of vine growing and wine making. Both in the Middle Ages and in the 18-19th centuries, local wine making flourished and expanded, so up until the second half of the 20th century, Ászár was an inevitable factor in Hungarian wine making. Fortunately, after the downfall of the 1950’s, the 21st century brought positive changes again.


Our newly built guest house offers 2 separate 2 room apartments with separate entrances (for a maximum of 4 people per apartment). In addition to the apartments, there is a communal room and a veranda with a grill for those who want to chat, drink wine or grill.