Wine Tasting


Would you like to get to know the excellent white and rose wines of the Aszar region?

Just choose one from our pre-arranged wine-tasting packages. Packages require a minimum of 5 people and a prior arrangement.

Explore the historical Aszar wine region through its wines!


Good wine with moderation
5 types of wine
2250 Ft/person

The seven chiefs
7 types of wine
3150 Ft/person

Peak into Aszar
9 types of wine
4050 Ft/person

Wine muster
12 types of wine
5400 Ft/person

Women’s way
5 types of wine
2500 Ft/person

Snacks to accompany the wines are included in the package. If needed a cold or warm lunch or dinner can also be arranged (need to be requested before the tasting). The length of the wine-tasting is 1-3 hours, depending of the package type and the additional requirements.

Book a wine-tasting

    Important information:
    • Prices are per person and already include VAT.
    • We don not serve alcohol to people under 18.